Showtime is an application currently available for the Maemo platform that can list out the details for the tv channels of various countries. It also has the feature to store a reminder in the device calendar for your selected channels and it can search for your programs upto a week in advance depending on the data available with the various servers that the application queries for XMLTV format data. The app also has an addition feature, where supported, to remote record your favourite shows on request. In the UK its achieved by way of sending an sms to the channel provider and it sends a signal to your digibox to schedule the recording.The app supports the auto rotation feature available for maemo devices.

The application has been developed using the cutting edge QT4.6 framework and C++ on Linux.
The app is free to use and distribute provided it remains in its original form and is not charged to the end user.Many hours of effort has gone into the making/supporting of this nice app so any donation is much appreciated by clicking the donate link above.

Main Highlights

  • Remote record feature ( for SKY users in UK only ). Can be adapted to other regions if available.
  • Adds events/alarms to your device under a new calendar named SHOWTIME.
  • Can configure favourite channels or programmes.
  • Has support for several countries about 20 as of now. complete list is in the detail section.
  • See programme listings upto a week in advance and the previous day.
  • Orientation is configurable (Portrait/Landscape/Auto)
  • Three modes of operation.
    • daily mode - check listings by date.
    • search mode - search listings for favourite programme.
    • current mode - check tv listings that are current.
  • Caches downloaded files locally and deletes them when they are a couple of days old.
  • Search for a programme for upto a week , search strings for each channel can be saved.
  • Prime Time settings and you can set to show/hide past listings.
  • Countries can be added very easily as long as there is a data source in XMLTV format.
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